Friday, July 25, 2008

Terror in the South now?

Bad things are happening in Bangalore. Thank God the attacks weren't severe, and there were only 2 casualties.

This makes me so angry. I've grown up watching terror attacks in India- first Kashmir, then Punjab, then Indira Gandhi's assassination and related riots, then Babri Masjid, Rajiv Gandhi's assassination and the long drawn out terror attacks in the North East and East coast. After that point, I wasn't in India too often, but witnessed a terror attack in '05 when I had gone back for my wedding reception. And of course heard about the Bombay '06 bombings.

And now this. Bangalore isn't known to be a violent city by any means, and this is just so frustratingly dumb! The attacks are obviously meant to arouse fear and confusion, but dammit- why don't people understand that bombs are not a solution to a problem. I also realise its easy to preach when you aren't there, on the spot, experiencing what the perpetrators themselves went through. They too must have been under severe provocation to take such a step. And yet, these acts of desperation will not serve to resolve anything for them or anyone else. If anything, matters will turn for the worse, and their persecution will increase. Its a difficult world, and dealing with it via violence is not going to make it easier.

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