Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Food diary entry: #4

Morning, 6:30am:
1/3rd cup Silk chocolate soy milk
Calories: 40

Lean Cusine Cheese pizza (Still horrible- but I threw out 1/2 the cheese, which actually made it more palatable)
Calories: 340

All day:
Grazed through the day on a Berry Lime Sublime from Jamba Juice, 300 calories. Wouldnt do it if left to myself, but the firm treats us to one every Wednesday, so what the heck
Calories: 300

Dinner, 8pm:
Home-made chicken-mushroom burgers dressed with tomatoes, onions and spinach. Damned good- recipe to follow soon.
Trader Joes's potato chips
Calories: 525

Water drunk during the day: approximately 1 pint.
Total calories consumed: 1205

Analysis for the day:
I need to drink more water! The chicken burgers I made at home were fabulous and really low in fat & calories- I just binged on the chips, which was a bad idea, but ah well :)

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