Thursday, July 10, 2008

Food diary entry: #1

Yep, I will buckle down and do it.

I figured, if I actually sat and wrote what I apparently inhale everyday, I may stop eating so much out of shame :D

So Here goes:

630am: 1/3rd cup Silk chocolate soy milk
Calories: 40

Mid Morning:
10:30am: 2 Hide 'n Seek Chocolate biscuits
1 diet Coke
Calories: 91

12:30am: About 1 cup of steamed white rice, with lentils and aaloo-gobi (cauliflower, potatoes, peas, tomatoes and green onions). Damn those green onions were good- crunchy. I seem to have become good at making aaloo-gobi- will post recipe soon. Also co-worker from the next cube came over to expressly inquire what I was eating, since he was liking the smell- would've offered him some if I hadn't begun already- ah well.
Calories: 700

Early evening, on the drive home:
I am so bored driving an HOUR to get home that I get sleepy- which is highly dangerous on ANY freeway, so I carry my fav crunchy snacks- which are highly unhealthy.
5:30pm: About 10 Trader Joe's ridge cut chips.
Calories: 200

7pm: chickpeas stew w/ tomato, radishes and onions.
Calories: 500

Late night:
10pm: Twining's jasmine green tea, with 1 tbs of honey- I don't think I like this green tea very much; will switch brands once I am done with this pack. I do love green tea, and therefore try to experiment with brands as often as possible.
Calories: 0

Water drunk during the day: approximately 2.5 pints.
Total calories consumed: 1531

Analysis for the day:

  • I do have a decent vegetable and cereal intake, but could amp up proteins and calcium.
  • I drastically need to cute down on food, and limit myself to 1100 calories per day.
  • Fat cals are not out of control, but could be better.
  • I always thought that I didn't have a sweet tooth, but I seem to be consuming a fair bit of sweet stuff anyways.
  • Need to keep the soda down to no more than 1 a day.


Beth said...

I may have missed something, are you on such a severely limited calorie intake? Are you even going to be visible by the time I get to meet you next May? :)

(Do not mean to pry - just concerned that the stupid American media has convinced you you need to weigh 100 pounds or something.)

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

oh u are so good!
thing is, i am definitely overweight, with borderline hypertension and borderline high bp. Figured i should at least stop pigging out as much as I do- and writing it down seems to apall me a fair bit :D If I could even get down to 125, I'd b happy- the 100 lb is remarkably distant - heeh. But dang it- ur so sweet to b concerned- I am so flattered!