Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Food diary entry: #3

Morning, 6:30am:
1/3rd cup Silk chocolate soy milk
Calories: 40

Lean Cusine chicken pizza (HORRIBLE_ eugh! If I wasnt dying of hunger.....:S But I bought the 4-pak and have 3 more of these at home, so will be eating this for the next 4 days- aaghhh! :D)
Calories: 340

Early evening, on the drive home, 5:30pm:
1 Diet Coke
Calories: 1

Dinner, 6pm:
"Olympia" pizza- with parmesan and olives.
Calories: 500

Water drunk during the day: approximately 1 pint.
Total calories consumed: 881

Analysis for the day: Great on the calorie count. Not a very healthy day however, since even though the calories in the frozen pizza are low and it is super filling, it doesnt have many nutrients. Ah well.

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