Monday, July 21, 2008

Food diary entry: #6

The husband and I were in Palm Springs for my Firm's annual bash over the weekend- I shudder to remember the consumption of numerous gin and Sprites, margaritas, steaks and misc unending platters of food by me :D

But the weekend is over, and I will go back to being good :)

Breakfast, running out the door, not hungry, but bidding to get my metabolism going:
Silk Chocolate soy milk, 1/3 cup.
Calories: 40

In office, not hungry, but peckish. Don't have any snacks today, so begin to sip on my diet coke, which practice will continue all day :D
Calories: 1

Hungry- want. lunch.soon.Until then, some 72% cacao Trader Joe's dark chocolate.
Calories: 100

Hungry- enthu about this lunch, since it features pot stickers and rice, but is low cal- I hope it isn't as puke-worthy as the Lean pizzas from last week.
Lean Cuisine rice and pot sticker meal
Calories: 260
Verdict: Pretty delicious- the pot stickers held up well, and the rice was really simple and good. I am going to buy boxes of this stuff...

Driving home, stuck in traffic, hungry.
Trader Joe's 70% dark chocolate- 4 squares.
Calories: 200

Wildly ravenous.
Stewed chickpeas (chhole) w/ steamed rice.
Calories: 450

Not really hungry, peckish- should have just gone to bed, but binged on jalapeno chips instead (eeps)
Calories: 400

Total calories for the day: 1451
Water drunk: 1 pint

Daily analysis: I love Lean Cuisine pot stickers (hey I love ANY pot sticker, stat). I don't seem to be losing any weight despite portion control in the past week or so, but at least am not gaining any more, which is always a good thing. SHOULD NOT have binged on chips late night. SHOULD have bought snacks w/ me to work.

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