Saturday, March 22, 2008

This Oatmeal at breakfast thing works! I've lost 9.2 lbs this week (or 4.2 kgs)

The only life style change I made for real was to have oatmeal for breakfast the entire week and limited myself to 2 diet sodas- earlier I would either avoid breakfast altogether, or grab cheezits and diet coke from the vending machine about 10am-ish.

So obviously, I am not going to be able to loose 9 pounds a week into perpetuity just by eating Quakers- I need to come up with a doable action plan here. Starting this morning, loaded up on high-protein-ized oatmeal- yep Quakers has that, and it can be found in your grocery store. Then hit the gym, after like 6 months :D. I hope to get to the gym twice a week, and at least do simple yoga every day at home- that should help the blood pressure.

Had a strange experience with Japanese curry last night. I came home about 9pm-ish, and was craving some. Broke open some "chicken mushroom balls" I had picked up at the San Gabriel Superstore, and added those to the curry as an experiment- they actually absorbed the curry, and swelled from 1" to about 2.5"!!! I bet they had tofu as a component, which I couldn't decipher on the mostly Chinese-lettered packaging. Strange, but tasted just fine.

Japanese curry is the easiest thing in the world; get a box from the Asian section of your grocery store, and follow directions on the box. I've been experimenting for two years+ with it, and you can pretty much drop anything into this curry. My favorite combos: spinach & mushroom; beef; corn, cilantro & lamb- it may be assumed that making this also serves as a refrigerator cleaning device- just dump all produce in :)

Disclaimer: I do not have an affiliation with any brands mentioned in this posting.


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