Monday, March 10, 2008


So my soul-sucking hell hole of a job has me just sick and tired- or perhaps I am just bored with being in the same place for too long. I've lived in this city for about 6 years now, which has frankly gotten to me. I've also been with the same firm now for 3 years, which is the longest I've done before bouncing out of anyplace.

The weekend came and went- I was very unproductive, just sitting around motionlessly, not even watching TV or blogging as I normally tend to over my Sundays.

One of my high school friends asked me for advice re: moving to the US for work- in the current mood I am in, it was certainly not the right question to ask, but I tried to restrain myself :) I told him he would be leaving behind all the minor daily hassles of India to embrace primo soul-suckiness- not sure how he took that :D

It'll all be behind me one day.



Siddartha said...

u know what, i agree with what u just said, but care to disagree a bit, increasingly i find that india is moving to a model where the daily inconveniences of life are reducing.
with the economy the way it is in the us, I am sure your advice would be leave your friend better off!

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

No arguements there- I just couldnt say nice things about HERE after suffering through a 70 hr busy week. :)

thanks for visiting Sid- you're the provider of my 1st comment on this blog- keep dropping by!