Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Keeping it real

Kinda hectic today, and my schedule was a bit thrown, but it all boiled down to keeping things real, which I am struggling to do.

Worked a bit on GMAT prep last night, which was long overdue, and finally sorted through the screen caps for my next posting on my other blog. Woke up screaming with pain in the morning, since I had basically overexercised and walked almost 6 straight hours on Sunday, and my calf muscles are more or less pulled to the max. So no stretching or yoga today.

Food diary:
No breakfast- totally need to go to Costco tonight, and stock up on oatmeal. For all of you folks out there who have high cholesterol as well as high BP, try Trader Joe's cereals with Flax Seed- that stuff really regulates cholesterol- my husband fixed his in 3 mos.
Mid morning snack- handful of dried apple slices & chrysanthemum tea.
Lunch- A Trimana burger, but threw out 1/2 the bun and 1/2 the fries. Trust me, this was hard to do by my standards- while our friend Siddharth quotes pizza as his weakness, fries are mine, especially w/ Trimana's garlic mayo- so bad yet so addictive! The part I felt really bad about was the diet coke that came with the meal- I had forgotten my water :( Next time, I'll stick to iced tea.
Evening coffee run: handful of dried apple slices
Dinner: Soup at Palms Thai in Hollywood- not a bad option, since its basically lean cuts of beef, onions, cabbage and spices boiled together.

Need to exercises tomorrow- must- will- shall. No change in weight- but never fear- we can do this gentle reader, and we will.

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