Monday, August 2, 2010

Good times

Have tons of work from now through Christmas, and therefore now, more than ever, I'd like to be healthy. The past week has been bad, as I realized this was going to happen, and wanted to just let loose until today. Therefore from today, we are back to some measure of healthy eating.

1 small coffee, with milk and sugar, cold.
1 tomato sandwich- 1/2 of a small tomato slice in between toasted rye d, with salt, pepper and butter.

Mid morning:
Another tomato sandwich

1 big serving of veggie rice
3 small picked onions

Mid afternoon:

6 pieces of salmon and tuna sushi. 3 pieces of veg and shrimp tempura.

Late night snack:
2 pickled onions and a handful of chips.

I've become remarkably good at making savory rice/rice pilaf/pulao these days- ever since the husband has been abroad, I make a huge batch of come variation of pilaf every Sunday, which furnishes me with lunches for office for the entire coming week. This past weekend, I soaked a cup of white rice, and stir fried 1/2 a red onion, a cup of peas, 2 cups of spinach, and 1 tomato with a tsp each of dried fennel and cumin in a tsp of olive oil. Then added the soaked rice, covered and left on low heat for 15 minutes- made perfect pilaf with the grains of rice separating beautifully. Delicious, and fairly healthy.

Also made a quick onion pickle- I found tiny baby onions at the grocery store, and had to make this childhood favorite. To a dozen peeled baby onions (each no more than 1" wide), added 1/2 a cup of balsamic vinegar and the juice of 1 lemon. Its good to keep this in a jam jar, since we want the liquid to just cover the onions. Once done, cover the jar and keep on the counter for 1/2 a day, after which the onion pickles slightly and should be moved to the fridge. The pickle is ready between 1/2 - 1 day, and should be eaten within 2 weeks, since after that it will turn way too sour. Lime may be substituted for lemon, and results in a less sour version than when using lemon.

Met with an old friend for Sushi- which should be my last Sushi outing for a while: 1- its expensive, 2- the hub unit is back soon, and he pales at the idea of raw anything :)

All in all, a healthy day, except for the butter and the inevitable chips- ah well.

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