Tuesday, July 13, 2010


So looks like the food diary idea is working!

Checked my weight this morning, and I am down 2 lbs- for a girl who cant exercise for another few months, this is wonderful news. Now if only I can continue to make this happen, we are golden!

So this is what I ate today:
Breakfast: Small coffee, with milk

Lunch: McDonalds' kidsmeal- chicken nuggets, fries, diet soda.

Midafternoon: Handful of thick cut potato chips.

Dinner: 2 chapatis, whole wheat, with stir fried okra and onions. Mango pickle.

Late night craving: tomato sandwich, with butter on sourdough bread

I could have packed my lunch today, but the rice I had in the fridge just wasn't fresh any more, and I didn't want to cook on a Sunday evening- that's my time to relax. And somehow didn't have the interest to throw together a salad for lunch- I need more substantial food for lunch!

I'm wearing more dresses than I ever did, and I am in the market for a reasonably priced body shaper- hah- they are priced almost as much as my dresses cost! Will keep searching. Which brings me to the dress I was wearing today- I love it! Here it is- Banana Republic, silk, and fits like a dream. There is one more in the store that I particularly like, but am waiting for a sale (tomorrow!)- in fact, there are 3 more sale days this month, but I will try not to go crazier than I have already.

I should have had a mid-morning snack, but didn't carry one- my bad. And after the kidsmeal (which really should be called an adult meal- the adult version should be called garangutan), I just didn't need a mid-afternoon snack, but its hard for me to eschew potato chips- they are a disease! Dinner was very Indian, and my mother would have been proud, but I am happiest with my late-night snack- I adore tomato sandwiches. I have 2 tomato plants going crazy in the backyard, so am freezing most of this year's crop, but it still allows for delicious salads and sandwiches.

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