Thursday, October 30, 2008

Random thoughts

I haven't been posting much in the past month- almost nothing here, and very little on my other blog.

Its just been a busy month. At work, I am working on issuing a set of financials tomorrow: One for a product distribution company, which is in San Diego, but idiotically has its accounting base in the UK :S That last fact is a huge problem in terms of communications- its a first year engagement, the accounting liaison isn't too bright, and I have had to define stuff like shareholder's equity in terms of US GAAP and liquidity computations till I want to scream. The other FS due out, which is worse, involves financials for a non-profit organization who has a CFO I want to brain with my laptop- a 60 year old male drama queen if you will :S

Outside of work, the home situation is kinda mad as well- one of the cars got into an accident (all by itself- I promise) and so we've been carpooling together, which leaves us both a bit cranky. Not to mention the idiotic paperwork to be done with the insurance company (GAH). Before the accident happened, I went and blew crazy money on drapes for the house (there were super ugly and old blinds earlier), which has left me short of cash in these crazy times. Oh wait- the BUYing of those drapes was the worst bit- who knew it took almost 10 hours (I counted) of running around and conducting major discussions in 5-6 stores??? Like how does someone spend that much time on drapes??? I am consoling myself with the fact that they look as calm and subtle as I wanted them to- I need a restful home to come back to after watching CFOs have shouting matches :)

So yeah, no innovative cooking happening- no time to, though we will see how the coming month goes. I have an exam right after Thanksgiving, and a brand new client to deal with starting today, so I am crossing my fingers.

Reading back on this post, things do sound as stressful as I feel they are- but as long as I can sleep well on the weekends (which I do, except for that weekend with the drapes- shudder), its all good :D


TS said... need some down time, girl!
October has been the WORST month so far, this year for me. I can just hope and pray (for both of us) and anyone else who needs prayers that it will get better.

have a great weekend!!

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

Thanks for the kind words Trupti, and I hope things work out for u too!
I think the additional issue has been the number of festivals and holidays- way too many :), and we have to keep up w/ all of em. have a nice weekend; I hope u get to rest up some :)

theBollywoodFan said...

Dude, why don't you just go over to the UK?! :P

First year engagements are always tricky...any books you see on the 60 year old drama queen's desk? We'd know to stay away from them. (Oh, I've got stories on C-levels and their desks! ;)

Good luck with everything, Shweta. And all those first week at a client walkthroughs! Cheers!

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

Thanks for the good wishes Abbas!
haha- I'll suggest the move idea to my mgr :D

The drama queen doesn't read I think- I wouldn't believe he knows I am just being mean :B Maybe I should gift him a "Accounting for Dummies." :D