Thursday, January 22, 2009

3 funerals and a wedding

I haven't posted here in so long- but the past 2 months have been really crazy.

After grandma passed away, one of my cousins decided to get married. Then, another cousin passed away about a week after that. And THEN my grandpa-in-law passed away 2 days ago! I was only really close to grandma, so the other familial events matter little- but they still had to be dealt with, which takes away time from worthy pursuits like blogging (though my husband heartily disagrees).

And I didnt make my CPA exams- again.

All this tempered with the fact that the fiscal year ended and all my clients are going crazy and we have all these audits to do- AND one of my managers left the firm, which didn't help matters at all. :S

Meanwhile, I've found that my comparatively new home has a secret blessing- we always wondered at the huge hedges in the garden- no green thumb, so had no clue wth they were. Come winter, all the buds spouted flowers, and it turns out they are camellias: in white, pink and every shade in between! Currently the garden looks positively magical, making me wish the summer stays away as long as possible.

The new home also has a secret curse- one of the bathrooms' wall has moisture in it- plumbing and reconstruction costs are magically (so much of the "m" word! Mr. Dursely would be unhappy :)) multiplying in my mind, and I will try to ignore incurring them until at least next fall.

Work calls- off I go............


Trupti said...

I had no idea, I haven't been here in a while....I hope the rest of the year will be better for you. We've had 2 deaths in the family too last month....I am going to pray really hard.
take care!

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

Thanks Trupti- I wish you the best! For me the post should have been titled 4 funerals- we had another one since I last posted :D its almost hilarious, the way we are dropping off :)