Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Guess who's been visiting....

Looks like some folks from work are visiting this and my other blog fairly often- which makes me wonder if I should be minding my ps and qs for the present and the future....not going to happen- especially since only good, clean fun (or mostly so) are featured in any of my posts :D

I have only 1 week to go before I leave my current job. I have absolutely no regrets, but its funny how my friends and even relatives, once they know I am leaving, call and ask me in a furtive whisper, "what happened? is everything OK?."
My response: "Everything will be ok soon- I am only trying to make more money and reduce some work pressure!" As one of the biggest accounting firms in the world, my soon to be ex-firm is a good place to begin at, but not one to live out your entire career at- but then, that's only my opinion- I know folks who've been here their entire careers, and love it. But I am not like them, and accepting that, it was a fair decision to move on to different pastures.

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